Books of Special Interest
There are some books that should be in every Christian home or
should be possessed by every believer who is desirous of studying
the Word of God. If just one book were purchased each month,
all of these works could be possessed in about one year. These
will be used repeatedly. They include:

1. Scofield Reference Bible (Oxford University Press). This includes
introductions, annotations and subject chain reference.

2. The Ryrie Study Bible in the New American Standard Version
(Moody Press). Includes introductions, notes, outlines, etc.

3. Dispensationalist Today by Charles Ryrie (Moody Press) will help you understand dispensations of the Bible.

4. A Survey of Bible Doctrine by Charles C. Ryrie (Moody Press). This is a book that will help you understand what the Bible teaches.

5. Strongís or Youngís Concordance. This will list the occurrence of every word that is found in the Bible.

6. Ungerís Bible Dictionary (Moody Press). There are over 7,000 articles, over 500 photographs, drawings, and maps.

7. The Bible Study Commentary- New Testament Edition. John F. Walvoord and Roy B. Zuck, editors (Scripture Press-Victor Books).

8. Ungerís Commentary on the Old Testament (2 volumes) (Moody Press).

9. Major Bible Themes by John F. Walvoord (Zondervan). This is a book that will help you understand what the Bible teaches.

10. Ungerís Bible Handbook (Moody Press). A concise commentary on the entire Bible. A literal library of pertinent Biblical data.

11. The Unfolding Drama of Redemption by W. Graham Scroggie (Zondervan). A synthetic handbook of the Bible that includes 230 charts, 37 maps and 176 study outlines.

12. You mean the Bible Teaches That? By Charles C. Ryrie (Moody Press). This valuable paperback book treats divorce, suicide, demon activity, situation ethics, race, womenís lib, civil disobedience, abortion, evolution and capital punishment.

Publishers Abbreviation Code
Following the title of some expository works, there is a letter in parenthesis. These
abbreviations are:
(C) = comprehensive treatment
(D) = devotional emphasis
(S) = a survey of the Bible book

Following the author of every book listed, there is an abbreviation in parenthesis.
These indicate the publisher of the book. Following is the name and address of each publisher:
(B.B.B.) = Back to the Bible Broadcast, Lincoln, NE 68501
(B) = Baker Book House, Box 6287, Grand Rapids, MI
(B.M.H.)= Brethren Missionary Herald Co., P.O. Box 544 Winona Lake, IN 46590
(B.J.U.) = Bob Jones University Press Greenville, S.C. 29614
(B.T.P.) = Bible Truth Publishers, P.O. Box 649 Addison, IL 60101
(C.L.C.) = Christian Literature Crusade, Fort Washington, PA 19034
(C.L.P.) = Creation-Life Publishers, Box 15666, San Diego, CA 92115
(E) = William B. Eerdmens Publishing Co. 255 Jefferson Avenue S.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(I) = Inter-Varsity Press, Box F Downers Grove, IL 60515
(K)= Kregel Publications P.O. Box 2607 Grand Rapids, MI 49501
(L) = Loizeaux Brothers P.O. Box 277 Neptune, NJ 07753
(M) = Moody Press 820 North La Salle Street Chicago, IL 60610
(R.B.) = Regal Books Box 3875 Ventura, CA 93006
(R) = Fleming H.Revell Co., 184 Central Avenue Old Tappan, N.J. 07675
(S) = Scripture Press Publications (Victor Books), 1825 College Avenue, Wheaton, IL 60187
(T) = Tyndale House Publishers, 336 Gunderson Drive Wheaton, IL 60187
(Z) = Zondervan Publishing House 1415 Lake Drive, S.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49508

The Old Testament
( Note: See also Bible Characters and Bible Study)

Genesis: Genesis to Deuteronomy (D)- C.H. Mackintosh (L) (Outstanding devotional study)
From Paradise to Prison ( C )- John J. Davis (B)
The Genesis Record ( C ) Henry M. Morris ( B )

Genesis: A Devotional Commentary ( C ) - W. H. Griffith Thomas ( E )
Genesis ( S )- Howard F. Vos (M)
Genesis: A Study Guide Commentary (S) - Leon J. Wood (Z)

Exodus: Genesis to Deuteronomy(D)-C.H. Mackintosh (L) (Outstanding devotional study)
Moses and the Gods of Egypt- John J. Davis (B)
Studies in Exodus (D)- F. B. Meyer (K)
Exodus- Ronald Youngblood ( M)

Leviticus: Genesis to Deuteronomy ( D) - C.H. Mackintosh (L)
(Outstanding devotional study)
Leviticus (S)- Louis Goldberg(Z)

Numbers & Deuteronomy Ungerís Commentary on the Old Testament-(M)
Notes on Genesis to Deuteronomy-C.H. Mackintosh(L)

Annotated Bible- Arno C. Gaebelein (L)
Numbers- Irving L. Jensen (M)

Joshua Conquest and Crisis- Studies in Joshua
Judges and Ruth- John J. Davis(B)
Joshua-Victorious by Faith- Theodore H. Epp(B.B.B.)

Joshua (S)- Paul P. Enns (Z)

Judges: Conquest and Crisis- Studies in Joshua, Judges and Ruth- John J. Davis (B)
Distressing Days of the Judges ( C)- Leon J. Wood (Z)
Judges(S)- Paul P. Enns ( Z )
Lectures on Judges (S )- Samuel Ridout ( L )

Ruth: Ruth ( S )- Paul P. Enns (Z)
(see Joshua & Judges)

I & II Samuel The Birth of a Kingdom- John J. Davis (B)
Israelís United Monarchy- Leon J.Wood (B)
I & II Samuel(S) - J. Carl Laney (M)

I & II Kings: Solomon to the Exile ( Kings & Chronicles)- John C. Whitcomb(B)
First and Second Kings- Richard J. McNeely(M)
Prophets of Israel- Leon J. Wood (B)
Kings of Israel and Judah- Christopher Knapp(L)

I & II Chronicles: Solomon to the Exile (Kings & Chronicles) John C. Whitcomb (B)
I & II Chronicles (S)- John H. SailHamer (M)
Understanding I & II Chronicles(S)- John Heading (Walterick Publishers)

Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther- H.A. Ironside (L)
Esther- John C. Whitcomb (M)

Ezra and Nehemiah (S)- J. Carl Laney (M)
Hand Me Another Brick (S) (Nehemiah)- Charles Swindoll (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

Job: The Book of Job- Samuel Ridout (L)
Job- Roy B. Zuck(M)

Psalms: The Book of Psalms- Arno C. Gaebelein(L)
Psalms- W. Graham Scroggie (Pickering&Inglis)

Proverbs: Proverbs- H. A. Ironside (L)
Proverbs (S)- Irving L. Jensen (M)

Ecclesiastes: Ecclesiastes: Total Life- Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. (M)
Ecclesiastes(S)-Louis Goldberg (Z)

Song of Solomon: Song of Solomon- H. A. Ironside (L)

Isaiah: Studies in Isaiah- F.C. Jennings (L)
Isaiah- W. E. Vine (Z)
Isaiah- Alfred and John A. Martin (M)

Jeremiah and Lamentations: Jeremiah ( C )- CharlesL. Feinberg( Z)
Jeremiah ( S )- H. A. Ironside ( L )

Ezekial: Ezekiel ( S)- Ralph Alexander ( M )
The Prophecy of Ezekiel ( C )- Charles L. Feinberg (M)
TheProphet Ezekiel ( C)- Arno C. Gaeblein

Daniel: Daniel, The Key to Bible Prophecy ( C )- John F. Walvoord ( M )
Daniel, A Study Guide ( S )- Leon J. Wood ( Z )
Daniel- Charles L. Feinberg ( Christian Herald Books)

Minor Prophets: Minor Prophets- Charles L. Feinberg ( M)
Minor Prophets- H. A. Ironside ( L )
Annotated Bible- Arno C. Gaeblein(L)


The Gospel of Matthew ( C )- Arno C. Gaeblein ( L)
Matthew: A Study Guide Commentary ( S )- Howard F. Vos (Z)

Behold The King: A study of Matthew ( S ) Stanley D. Toussaint ( Multnomah Press)

Mark: A Portrait of a Servant ( C )- D. Edmond Hiebert ( M )

The Gospel of Mark ( S )- W. Graham Scroggie (Z )
Mark: A Study Guide Commentary ( S )- Howard F. Vos ( Z )

Luke: Exposition fo the Gospel of Luke ( C )- William Kelly ( B. T. P. )
The Gospel According to Luke ( C )- G. Campbell Morgan (R )
The Gospel According to St. Luke ( C )- Leon Morris (E )

John: The Gospel of John ( C )- Arno C. Gaebelein ( L )
Studies in the Gospel of John ( S )- Homer A. Kent, Jr.( B )
Exposition of the Gospel of John ( C )- Arthur W. Pink ( Z )

Acts: The Acts of the Apostles( C)- ArnoC. Gaebelein ( L )
The Acts of the Apostles ( S)- Charles C. Ryrie ( M )
Jerusalem to Rome, Studies in Acts ( S )- Homer A. Kent, Jr. (B )

Romans: Romans: Verse-by-Verse ( C )- William R. Newell (M)
St. Paulís Epistle to the Romans ( C )- W. H. Griffith Thomas ( E )
Studies in Romans ( C )- Handley C. G. Moule (K)

I Corinthians: For A World Like Ours: Studies in I Corinthians ( S )- James L. Boyer ( B )
Addresses on First Corinthians (S)- H. A. Ironside (L)
Called To Be Saints ( C) Robert G. Gromacki (B)
The First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians (C )
Leon Morris ( E )

II Corinthians: Paulís Second Epistle to the Corinthians ( C )- Philip E. Hughes ( E )
Addresses on Second Corinthians ( S )- H.A. Ironside ( L )
Stand Firm in the Faith ( C )- Robert G. Gromacki (B)
A Heart Opened Wide ( C )- Homer A. Kent, Jr. ( B )

The Freedom of Godís Sons: Studies in Galatians ( C)- Homer A. Kent, Jr. ( B )

Galatians: The Charter of Christian Liberty( S )- Merrill C. Tenney ( E )
Galatians ( S )- Howard F. Vos ( M )
Stand Fast in Liberty ( C )- Robert G. Gromacki (B)

Ephesians: The Glory of the Church ( S)- Homer A. Kent, Jr. (M)
Wealth, Walk and Warfare of the Christian ( D)- Ruth Paxson ( R )
Studies in Ephesians ( C )- Handley C. G. Moule (K)
Devotional Studies in Galatians and Ephesians ( D )- Lehman Strauss ( L )

Philippians: Joy Way- An Exposition of Philippians ( D )- Guy H. King ( C. L. C. )
Philippians- A Study Guide Commentary ( S )- Howard F. Vos
Philippians: Triumph in Christ ( S)- John F. Walvoord (M)
Stand United in Joy (C )- Robert G. Gromacki (B )
Studies in Philippians ( C )- Handley C. G. Moule ( K)

Colossians & Philemon: Treasures of Wisdom ( Colossians& Philemon) (C )-
Homer A. Kent, Jr. ( B)
Crossing the Border( Colossians)(D )- Guy H. King(C. L. C. )
Stand Perfect in Wisdom ( Colossians & Philemon)-( C) Robert C. Gromacki ( B)
Studies in Colossians and Philemon ( C )- Handley C. G. Moule ( K)

Thessalonians: The Thessalonian Epistles( C) D. Edmond Hiebert ( M )
First and Second Thessalonians ( S)- Charles C. Ryrie (M)
The Thessalonian Epistles: A Study Guide Commentary ( S ) John F. Walvoord ( Z)

Pastoral Epistles: Timothy, Titus and Philemon ( C)- D. Edmond Hiebert (M)
The Pastoral Epistles ( C )- Homer A. Kent, Jr. (M)
A Leader Led ( I Timothy) ( D )- Guy H. King ( C. L. C. )
To My Son ( II Timothy) ( D)- Guy H. King (C. L.C.)

Hebrews: The Epistle to the Hebrews ( C )- Homer A. Kent, Jr. ( B)
Hebrews Verse-by-Verse ( C)- William R. Newell ( M)
The Holiest of All ( D )- Andrew Murray ( R )

James: The Epistle of James ( C )- D. Edmond Heibert( M )
A Belief that Behaves (D )- Guy H. King (C. L. C. )

Epistles of Peter: The Epistle of First Peter (C )- D. Edmond Hiebert ( M) ( Available in
March, 1984)

First and Second Peter ( S )- Louis A Barbieri ( M )

Epistles of John: The Fellowship ( I John)( D ) - Guy H. King (C. L. C.)
The Epistles of John ( S )- Lehman Strauss (L)
The Epistles of John ( C )- John R. W. Stott ( E )

Jude: Jude- The Acts of Apostles( C)- S. Maxwell Coder (M)
Addresses on Jude ( C )- H. A. Ironside ( L. )

Revelation: Revelation ( S) Charles C. Ryrie ( M )
The Revelation of Jesus Christ (C )- John F. Walvoord ( M )

Note: The expository works on the New Testament by William Kelly (B. T. P.), H. A.
Ironside ( L ) and William Hendrickson ( B) are also recommended.

General Bibliography

Christian Apologetics- Norman L. Geisler ( B)

Challenge and Response- Frederick R. Howe(Z)
Bible Answers: 508 Answers to Bible Questions- M. R. DeHaan ( Z)
The Bible Has The Answer- Henry M. Morris (C.L, P.)

Bible Background: Archaeology in Bible Lands- Howard F. Vos ( M )
Wycliffe Historical Geography- Pfieffer and Vos (M)

Hammondís Atlas of Bible Lands- Harry Thomas Frank (S)

Bible Characters: Abraham, Israel(Jacob),Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Elijah, David, and
Nehemiah- Each by Gene Getz( R. B. )

Bible Characters- Alexander White (Z)

Bible Correspondence Courses: Moody Bible Institute, Back to the Bible Broadcast,
And Emmaus Bible School ( 156 North Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois 60301)

Bible Study: Effective Bible Study- Howard F. Vos (Z)
A Harmony of the Gospels- Thomas & Gundry (M)
A Study of the Miracles- Ada R. Habershon(K)
Survey of the Old Testament- Irving L. Jensen(M)
Nelsonís Expository Dictionary of the Old Testament- Merril F. Unger and William
White, Jr. ( Thomas Nelson Publishers)
To Understand the Bible Look for Jesus- Norman Geisler ( B)
The Victor Handbook of Bible Knowledge- V. Gilbert Beers (S)
Naveís Topical Bible- Revised-Orville J. Nave (M)
A Survey of Israelís History- Leon J. Wood ( Z)

Lectures on the Tabernacle- Samuel Ridout ( L)
The Study of Types- Ada R. Habersham (K)
Wuestís Word Studies from the Greek New Testament for English Readers- Kenneth S.
Wuest(E)3 Volumes

Galatians: The Charter of Christian Liberty- Merril C. Tenney( E ) ( Illustrates various
methods of Bible Study)
An Historical Survey of the Old Testament- Eugene H. Merrill (B)
An Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words- W. E. Vine( R )
Annotated Bible- Arno C. Gaebelein ( L )
Survey of the New Testament- Irving L. Jensen (M)
The Parables of Jesus- J. Dwight Pentecost (Z)

Biography: Life of David Livingstone- Mrs. J. H. Worchester, Jr. ( M)
Life of Dwight L. Moody- A. P. Fitt ( M)
George Mueller- F. C. Bailey ( M )
John Newtonís Autobiography (M )
Hudson Taylorís Spiritual Secrets- Mr. & Mrs. Howard Taylor ( M )
The Life and Times of Martin Luther- J. H. Merl Dí Aubigne (M)
The Journal of John Wesley- John Wesley (M)

Charismatic Movement: The Charismatics: A Doctrinal Perspective Healing, Tongues, etc. ) John
MacArthur, Jr. (Z)
Understanding Spiritual Gifts- Robert L. Thomas (M )
Speaking in Tongues- Joseph Dillow ( Z )
Christ Life Of: The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah- Alfred Edersheim (E )
The Words and Works of Jesus Christ- J. Dwight Pentecost (Z )

Christian Education:
Childhood Education in the Church- Clark & Zuck (M)

Youth Education in the Church- Benson & Zuck (M)
Adult Education in the Church- Getz & Zuck (M)
Building Leaders for Church Education- Kenneth O. Gangel ( M )
Introduction to Biblical Christian Education- Werner Graendorf (M )

Christian Home and Family: (Also See Counseling)
Heaven Help the Home- Howard G. Hendricks ( S)

The Measure of a Family- Gene Getz ( R. B. )
The Measure of a Marriage- Gene Getz ( R. B. )
Young Only Once- Clyde M. Narramore (Z)
Strike the Original Match- Charles R. Swindoll ( Multnomah Press)

How to Be Happy Though Married- Tim La Haye ( T )
Dr. Dobson Answers Your Questions- James Dobson (T)
Family Foundation: How to Have a Happy Home-Paul D. Meier (B)
Christian Child Rearing and Personality Development- Paul D. Meier (IB)
The Encyclopedia of Christian Parenting( R )

Church History:
Christianity Through the Centuries- Earl E. Cairns (Z)

Millerís Church History- Andrew Miller ( B. T.P.)
Counseling: Effective Biblical Counseling-Lawrence J. Crabb, Jr.
Christian Parents in Pain- John White(I)
Home and Preparing for Adolescence- James Dobson ( Vision Family House)
Above, Competent to Counsel- Jay E. Adams (B)
Your Best Years: Staying Young While Growing Old-J. Oswald Sanders ( M)

Creation and Science: The Early Earth- John C. Whitcomb, Jr. (B)
The World That Perished John C. Whitcomb, Jr. (B)
Did Man Just Happen? W. A. Criswell (M)
The Bible and Modern Science- Henry M. Morris ( C. L. P.)
Why Does God Allow It?- A. E. Wilder-Smith (C.L.P.)

Cults and Romanism: The Chaos of Cults- J. B. Van Baalen ( E) ( Older Cults)
The Mind Benders- John Sparks ( Thomas Nelson Publishers) (Newer Cults)
Secrets of Romanism- Joseph Zacchello (L)

Devotional: Streams in the Desert-Mrs. C. E. Cowman(Z)
Our Daily Bread- M. R. DeHaan and Henry G. Bosch(Z)
The Continual Burnt Offering- H. A. Ironside ( L)
Our Daily Walk- F. B. Meyer (Z)
Morning and Evening- Charles Hadden Spurgeon (Z)
Renewed Day By Day- A. W. Tozer( R )
Giant Steps- Warren W. Wiersbe ( B)

Discipleship: Disciples Are Made-Not Born- Walter A. Henricksen(S)
The Lost Art of Disciple Making- Leroy Elms (Z)

Doctrine: Biblical Theology of the New Testament- Charles C. Ryrie (M)
Angels-Elect and Evil- Fred A. Dickason(M)
The Church in Godís Program- Robert L. Saucy ( M)
What the Church Is All About- Earl B. Radmacher (M)
Demons in the World Today- Merrill F. Unger (T)
Your Adversary the Devil- J. Dwight Pentecost (Z)
Knowing God- J. I. Packer (I)
The Holy Spirit- Charles C. Ryrie (M)

Jesus Christ Our Lord- John F. Walvoord ( M)
Baptism: What Saith the Scriptures? H. A. Ironside (L)
The Eleven Commandments- Lehman Strauss (L)
The Death Christ Died ( A defense of unlimited atonement)-Robert P. Lightner( Regular Baptist Press)
Law and Grace- M. R. DeHaan (Z)

Election and Sovereignty: Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God-J. I. Packer (I)
Eternal Security: Salvation is Forever-Robert G. Gromacki (M)
Shall Never Perish- J. F. Stombeck (Harvest House)

Evangelism: Salvation-Lewis Sperry Chafer (Z)
Art of Personal Witnessing- Lorne Sanny (B.B.B.)
Every Member Evangelism- J.E. Conant (Harper and Row Publishers)

Fellowship: Loving One Another- Gene Getz (S)
Building Up One Another- Gene Getz (S)
Encouraging One Another- Gene Getz (S)

Praying for One Another- Gene Getz(S)
Gospel Tracts: American Tract Society, P.O. Box 402008, Garland, TX 75040
Good News Publishers, 9825 W. Roosevelt Road Westchester, Illinois 60153

Inspiration: Inspiration and Canonicity of the Bible- R. Laird Harris (Z)
The Saviour and the Scriptures- Robert P. Lightner (B)
The Battle for the Bible- Harold Lindsell (Z)
What You Should Know About Inerrancy- Charles C. Ryrie (M)
Israel (Also See Prophecy) Israel At the Center of History and Revelation- Charles L. Feinberg
(Multnomah Press)
Exploring the World of the Jew- John Phillips (M)
Israel in Prophecy- John F. Walvoord (Z)

Missions: A Biblical Theology of Missions- George W. Peters (M)
The Bible and World Missions- A Course- G. Christian Weiss (B.B.B.)
Understanding Christian Missions- J. Herbert Kane (B)
A Theology of Church Growth- George W. Peters (Z)

Music: The New Church Hymnal-Lexicon Music, Inc., P.O. Box 296, Woodland Hills,
California 91365
Praise Hymnal- Singspiration (Z)

New Evangelicalism & Neoorthodoxy: Neoorthodoxy-Charles C. Ryrie ( Walterick Publishers)
Neoevangelicalism Today- Robert P. Lightner ( Regular Baptist Press)
The Tragedy of Compromise- Ernest Pickering Bob Jones University Press (BJU)
What You Should Know About Social Responsibility- Charles C. Ryrie (M)

Prayer: What Happens When Women Pray- Evelyn Christenson (S)
Jesusí Pattern Of Prayer- John F. MacArthur, Jr. (R )
With Christ in the School of Prayer- Andrew Murray
Prayer Power Unlimited- J. Oswald Sanders (M)
The Power of Prayer- Reuben A. Torrey (Z)

Prophecy: (Also See Israel): The End Times- Herman A. Hoyt ( M)
The Bible and Future Events- Leon J. Wood (Z)
The Rapture Question- John F. Walvoord (Z)
From Eternity to Eternity- Erich Sauer (E)
What You Should Know About the Rapture- Charles C. Ryrie (M)
Things to Come - Dwight Pentecost (Z)

Sanctification: Holiness- The True and the False- H. A. Ironside (L)

Sex: Love and Life: A Christian View of Sex-Clyde M. Narramore (Z)
Eros Defiled: The Christian and Sexual Sin- John White (I)
How to Tell Your Children About Sex- Clyde M. Narramore (Z)

Spiritual Growth: He That is Spiritual- Lewis Sperry Chafer (Z)
Keys to Spiritual Growth- John F. MacArthur, Jr. ģ
Happiness is a Choice- Frank B. Minirth and Paul D. Meier (B)
Life on the Highest Plane- Ruth Paxson (M)
Designed To Be Like Him- J. Dwight Pentecost (M)
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